Monday, February 18, 2019

[RESOLVED] Apollo Server: Network Connectivity Issues

The data center where the Apollo server resides is experiencing network connectivity issues, and their engineers are investigating.

Thank you for your patience while they fix the problem.

I have been in contact with support staff at the data center during the night. While I get an almost immediate reply,  there's been a definite lack of information as far as what the problem is and how much longer it will take to fix it.

The official word back is

"We are still diligently working on having this issue resolved and treating it with the highest priority.

We are working closely with our storage vendor and have certified engineers on site.

As I get updates I will pass them onto you.

UPDATE 10:19AM -
The only "update" I'm getting is "There is no ETA at this time when services will be restored." I've requested access to back-ups so I can migrate all accounts to a different data center/service provider.

UPDATE 11:15AM -
The server is back online. Interestingly enough, it came back up only a few minutes after I requested access to back-ups (to migrate to another data center/service provider).

I'm testing out everything now, and then will still be migrating away. 10-11 hours of downtime is completely unacceptable.