Friday, February 16, 2007

PHP is stable

I've recompiled PHP to a previous and known stable version. All sites are verified up and functioning as before. I will be upgrading to PHP v4.4.2 later this week and making some adjustments to the security settings, but in the meantime we are up and running.

There will be some security tweaking occurring in the next few days, as well as reconfiguring the anti-SPAM settings as they were before so users don't get flooded with tagged spam (the {spam?} tags in the subject line).

Please be patient as we make these changes and recreate all services as they were on the former server. With some changes the server (or Apache, the web server which is what runs the websites you see in your browser) will need to be rebooted and websites will briefly be unavailable. This normally takes less than 60 seconds, and reboots are scheduled for "after hours" whenever possible.

If there are any persistent problems with your website, email or other services, please contact us and we will investigate. The support ticket system needs to be reinstalled and reconfigured (that was lost as well, but can be restored from backups), which should be fully operational the middle of next week. In the meantime you can comment here or email with support issues.

Again, thank you for your patience during this "event." Please be assured we are working on restoring all accounts as they were, as close as is possible, as fast as possible.