Friday, August 28, 2009

Perl problems

During the latest CentOS upgrade (from 4.7 -> 4.8) there was a bug introduced that affected some cPanel servers, specifically the Perl packages and version. The installed version of Perl should be 5.8.8, which it has been (and has been required to run cPanel 11.24 since late 2007). For whatever reason, the CentOS upgrade downgraded Perl to 5.8.5.

Since cPanel and a majority of the software on the server rely on the correct Perl modules being installed, this is a problem. Apache, the web server (which displays your websites) is unaffected, but mail delivery is.

We expect to have this issue resolved shortly and will keep you informed. This issue will be a problem for a wide range of servers running cPanel, so it's not just us. I just happened to be working late and noticed it. Lucky me. :)

EDIT: 1:20pm: All issues have been resolved, and we thank you for your patience.