Wednesday, January 6, 2010

cPanel 11.25 upgrade causes email forward issues

A cPanel upgrade to version 11.25, performed 2 days ago, has introduced a lot of changes to a number of different functions in how Exim, the mail server, routes email. So far the only issue we've seen has been a change to how email forwards are being piped to a program functions. At the moment...they're not.

POP3 and IMAP email functions, as well as regular email forwards (forwarding to another email address) are all working as intended. Unfortunately our support desk and all client portal departments (design services, etc) all use email piping to open support tickets by email. This only effects tickets replied to by email...the client portal's web-interface is working correctly.

Both the NOC and cPanel techs are currently working to resolve this issue, and if it's not resolved by morning a backup plan for the support tickets will be implemented until the issue is fixed. In the meantime, if you need to open a new ticket or reply to an ongoing one, please use the web-based interface.

If you've replied to a ticket by email in the last two days your response may not have been received. As always, every ticket notification contains a direct link to the ticket reply so you can view and reply online.

This bug not withstanding, cPanel's version 11.25 promises to bring a lot of new goodies for users. Once I get past this initial bad first impression - and finish reading the 39-page PDF detailing the newly released changes - appropriate announcements will be made.