Thursday, January 12, 2012

Verisign Increases Domain Name Prices, But We Don't

Since the revised contract was signed between Verisign and ICANN to maintain and manage the .COM registry in 2006, the price for the most popular TLD in the world has increased consistently over the past few years. And on January 14th, .COM prices will rise once again by a further $0.51, and .NET prices by $0.55.

With this contract, Verisign has the authority to increase .COM prices by 7% every year with a 6 month notice to its Registrars. Furthermore, a similar contract signed in June last year for .NET allows for a rise of 10%.

As a result of this everyone can expect to see domain name prices increase.

Everyone that is, except for our customers.

In the interest of goodwill, we've decided to absorb this latest price increase, and not pass it onto our customers.