Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Apollo server briefly offline

Today from 2:10pm to 2:38pm PST (5:10pm-5:38pm EST) the Apollo server was unresponsive and offline. There was nothing wrong with the server itself, the outage stemmed from a temporary network issue in the section of the data center were Apollo is located. The data centers' Engineers resolved the issue and it should not reoccur.

We apologize for this disruption in service, maintaining uptime is a high priority to us. As soon as we are aware of any outage (even small hiccups) status reports are posted to our Twitter account and here on this blog.

3:40pm PST UPDATE: Apollo server is again unresponsive. Our trouble ticket with the data center has been reopened. Updates as we have them.
4:13pm PST UPDATE: Apollo is back up. Again we apologize for this.