Friday, February 27, 2015

Outgoing Email Issues [Resolved]

We're investigating an issue with outgoing email from the server. All incoming email is being queued (held for delivery), but one of the processes that "sends" email is stopped and is refusing to restart.

We are working diligently on this issue and expect to have it fixed very soon. I suspect this was caused by an update from last night, as other admins have reported the same issue in the cPanel support forums. More updates as they are available.

UPDATE 5:47PM All issues have been resolved. Last night cPanel and PHP were upgraded (the PHP upgrade was a small security update). On cPanel servers PHP is upgraded through a cPanel process called EasyApache.

Something in EasyApache apparently changed the permissions on several directories in user accounts, which I caught and fixed at the time. It also changed the permissions on the /tmp directory, which just about everything uses to temporarily write to while it's processing (think of it as a "working directory"), including email. The permissions need to be set as to securely allow other processes on the server to write to the tmp directory.

All email that was being held for processing should be on it's way to you now. We apologize for this issue, we know how important it is to receive email in a timely manner.