Thursday, December 29, 2016

Why We Will Never Sell Comodo SSL Certificates

In today's episode of "Clueless Telemarketers Who Don't Do Their Homework" we'll examine cold calls from none other than Comodo SSL certificates. Today we received a voicemail from someone calling from (201) 620-6929. Here's the message they left:

"Hello, we're calling in regards to an expiring security certificate on one of your website and like to talk to you about some renewal options if you can give us a call back at 973-915-3191 the number is 973-915-3191. Thank you."

Notice that at no time do they say the name of the company they're calling from, which is not only extremely unprofessional, but a tactic used by spammers and scammers. At the beginning of the voicemail I can here someone's TV in the background, before the obviously pre-recorded message is played. Yeah, Comodo just gets more professional all the time....NOT.

I did a little Googling, and found the number belongs to Comodo. I also found quite a few businesses posting about Comodo making misleading cold calls, and reporting them going back several years.

"Comodo is performing misleading cold calls designed to trick you into purchasing a SSL certificate with them rather than renewing with your existing provider. Remember when you used to get letters and emails from companies like Domain Registry of America (DROA). I think everyone agreed those were disreputable. Comodo is performing the same sort of activity."

Roger,, 7/18/2011

Comodo sells SSL certificates. The part their spammer apparently missed do we.

We also don't do business with any vendor that uses these sort of deceptive selling tactics.