Monday, June 18, 2007

SPAM flood gates inadvertantly opened for a few hours

We apologize for the unusual flood of SPAM you may have received this morning. It was caused by a botched cPanel update (to be clear -- botched by cPanel, nothing we did) which installed a newer version of SpamAssassin (v3.2.1) that is untested with cPanel, and apparently incompatible with either our version of cPanel, or MailScanner, or both.

What I find confusing is that a staff member from cPanel was clear (in a forum post) that v3.2.1 is untested with cPanel, so it's beyond me why cPanel's own update would install a version of unknown compatibility. Mind you, we are running the STABLE branch of cPanel, the most conservative build they offer.

Then again, I had nothing better to do this morning. */sarcasm*

Through some delicate juggling I have downgraded SpamAssassin back to the previously running version of 3.2.0, which was running problem-free, and also hard-coded in cPanel's update that this version is the highest it should attempt to install.

And a calmness fell across the land...and all is right with the world once more. At least until the next cPanel update.