Friday, July 13, 2007

Random server software issues are being addressed

Sorry for the vagueness, I'm still sorting through to find what was changed/downgraded/screwed up by a tech (who had plenty of good recommendations) who seemed to think he was doing us a favor by downgrading the version of MySQL from 5.0.27 to 4.1.2, as well as changing some other software so that now MailScanner isn't working (this would be why you received so much SPAM this morning).

This tech was hired for one reason only, and ironically enough that reason was to fix something another developer had caused, who was supposed to be updating a system he had designed. I don't plan on letting anyone else touch the server again...ever.

Working on restoring all to how it was yesterday, and will update here when it's been done. I'm on "Live Chat" so if you notice any issues on your sites please let me know. Mail will be temporarily stopped for about 15 minutes while I reinstall MySQL.

1:53pm Update: Most of the work has been done/restored. MySQL has been upgrade to 5.0.24 (v5.x works perfectly with Mantis bug tracker, Drupal, etc), the MailScanner package and all associated packages (SpamAssassin, necessary Perl modules, ClamAV, etc) have been reinstalled correctly for our configuration.

Since these all interrelate with each other and some versions have bugs and/or don't work well with versions of other installed software, any system upgrade is always done after much research.

Speaking of upgrades, we are expecting to upgrade to cPanel's version 11 in early August. The latest time frame for when v11 will hit the STABLE tree (which we are on) is July 23-31, which has been pushed back from it's original date in May and then June. Each time more bugs/issues are found the time v11 will be released as STABLE gets pushed back (as it should). I'd like to wait a week or two after that, just to be sure.

cPanel's automatic updates have been shut off since we heard of the oncoming of v11, simply because I didn't want any (bad) surprises or problems. As double assurance I've also scheduled the nightly backups to happen an hour before the nightly cPanel updates (which at this point are only doing security updates), as an extra safety measure.