Saturday, October 6, 2007

A new SSL certificate and some minor tweaks

I'll be installing a new SSL certificate for the server today, and also testing to see if it's possible to enable a secure login for hosting clients by using the server IP. Normally SSL certificates are issued to a hostname for the entire server or a single domain for one company. The majority of hosting companies have their clients use the hostname, and if my work around isn't successful, we'll be doing that as well, I was just hoping to be able to offer another way.

If you've seen odd and random SSL errors the last couple of days, they were due to the process of changing the billing system from one IP to another, and in the process changing some SSL certificates.

The billing and support system has been relocated to: Client Area Login. I had hoped to set up a redirect so that all links from the former location would forward over. While this works fine in Firefox, IE7 displays a 404, and I'd rather not have any clients frustrated. I'll be setting up a domain-wide 404 page, so no one is left behind (or wondering where their billing center ran off to!). We are also in the process of testing a new, more robust support system, which will be rolled out in about a month. In the meantime, the current system is both secure and functional.

Because I'd like to make sure ALL clients are aware of the recent changes, I will be sending a rare email to all clients, with links to both the new billing and support area, and this Announcement blog. Thank you for your patience during these changes, I think you'll be happy with the end results.