Friday, March 23, 2012

Email Issues

MailScanner released an upgrade today (v4.84.5), which may have a bug in it (there have been 2 versions released today) and MailScanner is refusing to start/stay running.

While we debug this issue MailScanner has been disabled. Email will still be delivered, but you may see a slight delay in delivery as we stop and restart email processing services in order to work on this issue. You may also see spam slipping through until MailScanner is fully functional once again, as that's MailScanners' sole purpose in life: to filter spam.

We're working on fixing this issue as quickly as possible, and will update this blog post when the issue is resolved. Thank you for your patience.

EDIT 8:18pm: The MailScanner issues have been resolved and it is once again humming right along, like a finely-tuned spam-eating machine.